Doggie Dippers Pot
Doggie Dippers Pot

Doggie Dippers Pot


Who didn't grow up with it: Cheez Dippers? With this idea, The Happy Mutt Nut Company, a family business in Devon UK, has developed a new concept called Doggie Dippers. 

Peanut butter and cookies bundled in a cheerful package. By dipping, you create fun interaction with your dog. 

Doggie Dippers are available in two designs and in six different flavors. 

The Doggie Dippers are free of salt, sugar, palm oil, xylitol and come in recyclable packaging. 

There are two versions; a handy packaging for on the road and a large packaging for at home. The included peanut butter is without preservatives or other additives and is produced in our own factory. Just peanut butter from peanuts like peanut butter should be, but for dogs.

42001: 5065008110675
42002: 5065008110682
42003: 5065008110699
42004: 5065008110712
42005: 5065008110705
42006: 5065008110668
Export Carton: 42,8 cm x 21,5 cm x 13,3 cm
Product: 10,5 cm x 11,8 cm x 11,2 cm
Contents: 160 gram
Export Carton: 1,685 kg
Product: 255 gram
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Our cookies are called Doggie Dippers because, They are the unique treat for you to share with your dog.  If you agree to our cookies, you will use a better functioning website.