The Dog Cool Coat protects dogs from overheating by using a newly developed light material.

The Dog Cool Coat is made of super absorbent materials, which means that the cool coat can absorb a lot of cooling water and the dog stays cool longer.

Due to the unique structure and materials used, the dog is less bothered by the heat and can be played in the sun for longer.

Even wet, this coolcoat remains light and pleasant to wear for any dog. The dog retains its freedom of movement and is not hindered to play and run.

Available in sizes S, M and L.


Introducing the Dog Cool Coat: Beat the Heat and Keep Your Pup Cool!

Say goodbye to hot and uncomfortable days for your furry friend with our innovative Dog Cool Coat. Designed with super absorbent materials, this remarkable coat is here to keep your dog cool and refreshed for extended periods.

The secret lies in the unique structure and high-quality materials of our Dog Cool Coat. It has exceptional water-absorbing properties, allowing it to retain a large amount of cooling water. As a result, your dog stays cool for a longer duration, even under the scorching sun.

No more worrying about limiting playtime or cutting outdoor adventures short due to the heat. With our Dog Cool Coat, your dog can enjoy hours of fun in the sun without feeling overheated or fatigued. Let them explore, chase balls, and run around freely while staying comfortable and cool.

We've carefully crafted the Dog Cool Coat to ensure that it remains light and pleasant to wear, even when wet. Your dog won't be weighed down or restricted in movement. They'll have the freedom to play, run, and jump with ease while still experiencing the cooling benefits of the coat.

Finding the perfect fit is easy with our range of sizes. The Dog Cool Coat is available in sizes S, M, and L, ensuring that every dog, regardless of breed or size, can benefit from its cooling properties.

Not only is the Dog Cool Coat functional but it's also designed with your dog's style in mind. It comes in a sleek and simple design, perfect for both casual outings and outdoor adventures. Your pup will not only feel cool but also look cool!

Invest in your dog's comfort and well-being with the Dog Cool Coat today. Let them beat the heat, stay refreshed, and enjoy the outdoors to the fullest.
Say goodbye to heat-related worries and hello to endless playtime and happy adventures!

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M: 8719324412353
S: 8719324412995
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S: €27,99
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